i want ( )books.A,borrow B,to borrow C,borrows D,borrowing

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i want ( )books.A,borrow B,to borrow C,borrows D,borrowing
i want ( )books.A,borrow B,to borrow C,borrows D,borrowing

i want ( )books.A,borrow B,to borrow C,borrows D,borrowing
答案:【B,to borrow 】
want to do sth 想要做某事
【Me YC真诚为你解答此题,

B want to do sth想要做某事

分析 want to do sth 固定用法‘想做某事’

want to do sth

want to do sth 固定句式 所以选择b to borrow

I want to read books ( )a quiet place填写介词 I have read three books and I want to read ( )A.another three books B.the other three books C.more three books D.more than three books 连词组句 WANT,I,BUY,TO,A PEN,TWO EXERCISE,BOOKS,AND (.) i want ( )books.A,borrow B,to borrow C,borrows D,borrowing I want ------- books. A. two more B. two many C. more two 7.I want ________ these books ________.A.to send,to home B.to send ,home Do you want the rest of the books?Yes,I want ( ).A.those B.these C.them D.it i want to chat with some cute bo什么意思 i want to buy some comic books .--i cant believe that you ..those books at this age ..A likeB liked C are liking D .would like . Now I'm in the_____.I want to borrow some books.A.library B.pool C.mall D.shop I like these books,I want to buy( )扩号里填什么? do you want to recommend me some books?i am a books-lover,and i have no idea which books i should read,now i need close friend to help me!thanks very much! 谁知道这篇英语改错怎么改?Many years ago,I stepped a bookstore for some 1.---------books I wanted them.While I was there, I saw a young 2.---------- boy of about 12 came into the store . The bo He asked me _ A if she will come B how many books i want to have i want ( )the books ( )the classroom.A,to take ;for B,to take ;to C,take;in 按要求完成句子 1.I want to buy a big green bag.2.Mary does not have any books. Have you got any books on learning Japanese?I want to borrow ___.A.them B.ones I want to buy some books的问句